Robbie Mattison  
  Director of Nursing  

Robbie Mattison is the Director of Nursing for Beacon Hospice in the state of Michigan. She oversees the clinical and fiscal operation for Beacon Hospice of Michigan, Beacon Hospice of Detroit, Beacon Hospice of West Detroit and Beacon Hospice of North Detroit. Her responsibilities include education of staff, regulatory audits, care of residents, overseeing the cost of medical equipment, pharmacy, medical supplies and labor management. She ensures staffing needs are sufficient and in accordance with the census.

Robbie has been in hospice since 2010. She began her hospice journey as a PRN nurse and then chose to transition into case management. After working as a case manager, she decided to move into a leadership role. She worked as a Director of Clinical Services, and soon realized through this journey in hospice, it is where she belongs.

Robbie believes in customizing all care to the patient and family needs above all else.